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South County High Freshman Head Coach

Double Vision Outlaws Organization is a new nonprofit elite youth AAU organization located in Northern Virginia. The organization was created by two Cousins "Dennis Johnson and Chris Mitchell" in October of 2017. The mission of Double Vision Outlaws is to give children in our area an opportunity to be involved in various organized elite team sports. We wish to provide them with the best possible equipment and facilities, while teaching them sportsmanship, discipline and dedication that will stick with them forever. We hope they move on with an enjoyable and valuable experience to always look back on. It's our goal to provide kids in the communities of DC, Maryland, and Virginia an outstanding sports experience. We desire that each participant of our program develop a love and appreciation for their sport and want to make it to the next level. We also wish that the youth participating in Double Vision Outlaws program strive for excellence in all areas of their lives and will be asked to maintain a minimum 2.2GPA.  

The motto of Double Vision Outlaws is to lead and help our youth focus on physical fitness, good health, academic success, teamwork, friendships, and community, while teaching them the fundamentals of sports and encouraging positive development of character.


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